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    Alan Oldham

    DJ & Artist

    Alan Oldham a.k.a DJ T-1000, born and raised in Detroit now based in Berlin, has been called “Detroit Techno’s Renaissance Man”. Perhaps best known as a DJ and his music production under the guise DJ T-1000 for the Generator, Pure Sonik, Tresor, and Inzec labels, Alan D. Oldham began as an illustrator/comic book artist who published such notable characters like Johnny Gambit, Dangergirl aka Orietta St. Cloud and the recent, Vectra. Oldham's artwork also graced the early releases of Derrick May's label Transmat and created the iconic look of the hard hitting techno label, DJAX-UP-BEATS, Netherlands.

    Today, as DJ T-1000, Oldham still keeps to his old Underground Resistance vinyl roots, while his artwork enchants a new generation in galleries, pop-up art shows and comic book conventions worldwide.
  • Haqq_HeadShot

    Abdul Haqq


    Abdul Qadim Haqq also known as Haqq, also known as the Ancient, American visual artist born and raised in Detroit, Michigan he is Detroit's Number One Ambassador of Art for World Renowned Techno Music Artists. Haqq Artwork is seen all over the world on classic records by Detroit Techno record labels, Juan Atkins, Metroplex, Derrick May, Transmat, Underground Resistance (such as Drexciya), Kevin Saunderson, Carl Craig. Abdul Qadim Haqq has been serving the techno music community since 1989 and he is dedicated to Techno Visual Art. His artwork continues to inspire fans all over the world.

    The Founder of Third Earth Visual Arts, he says he bases his futuristic concepts off of time travel and going back into time.
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